4 Ways The Startup Visa Is Better Than A Master’s Student Visa.


4 Ways The Startup Visa Is Better Than A Master’s Student Visa.



The thing is, relocating on a student visa means that you have to find a company willing to sponsor you after you graduate so you can remain in the country. It is really not as easy as it sounds.

So before you continue googling “cheap masters in UK”, I’ll be sharing 4 ways the Startup visa is better than the student visa:

1. SLIGHTLY CHEAPER: We once had Oluwaseun Fadiora, an alumnus of this visa, at our eMigr8 open day session. In his words, “The amount of money you are going to pay your average endorsers, is exactly the amount of money that you are going to pay for your master’s degree.” Sometimes it’s even cheaper!. SO WHY WOULD YOU PAY ALL THAT MONEY FOR A MASTERS DEGREE ONLY TO COME OUTOF SCHOOL AND BEG SOMEONE ON THE INNOVATOR OR STARTUP VISA FOR A JOB? Think about it…

Most countries don’t need you to have funds, eg; you can get the UK Start up visa if you have an idea that’s new, innovative, and scaleable.


  1. EASIER PATHWAY TO SETTLEMENT: While some visas, like the UK Startup visa, don’t lead to settlement directly, you can easily switch over to the innovator visa and you are well on your way to permanent residency. Oluwaseun Fadiora explained this when he was a guest at our periodic Open Day. You can check the video below.

    It is better to be an employer than an employee begging for a job. The video below explains more.


  1. LESS COMPETITIVE: Let me use Nigeria and UK as a case study. There are hundreds of people applying for student visas every year. Meanwhile, there are only about a fraction of that number of Nigerians on the Startup visa in the UK. And amazingly, it is easier than you think. You don’t need proof of funds for a Canada Startup visa or UK startup visa(and a few others.)


Also, bear in mind that most of these countries understand that Startups fail. So don’t be afraid to try.


  1. WORK FULL TIME: Most student in most countries are not allowed to work more than 20hours per week. But most countries allow you to work full time on a startup visa. What could be more exciting than that?

    Most countries understand that you have to provide for yourself and your family pending the time your Startup starts to gain traction. But you have to work on your Startup. YOU CANNOT ABANDON YOUR STARTUP.


MOVE WITH YOUR FAMILY: While both visas allow you to move with your family, the conditions attached to moving with your family on the startup visa are more favorable than moving on a student visa, in my personal opinion.

In conclusion, moving as a startup founder is BETTER than moving as a student for a cheap masters in UK, Canada, etc. There’s a certain prestige when you identify as an entrepreneur rather than as a student. As I said, it’s easier than you think. So, take a leap of faith and let us help you move to your dream country.


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You can watch the video below for more clarity.


It’s cheaper than a cheap masters in the UK or Canada, you can work full time, and it’s an easier route to permanent residency.


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