4 Ways To Figure Out A Company’s Culture

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Comany cultural fit is important

Crazy Fact: Hiring managers hire more for “Cultural Fit” than for skills. 

This is especially true if you are hoping to move abroad. Most companies abroad value cultural fit over skills. Sure, skills matter, but you don’t want to be the odd man out in the office/team. Nothing drains an employee faster than not feeling like they fit in with others at work. You can not succeed in that environment. This is why it’s important for you as an aspiring employee to learn the company culture before you apply for or accept a job. You don’t want to take a job and realize six months later that their values don’t align with yours. Imagine being an environmentalist but your company is more focused on making profits than catering to the environment. What a misfit.


Company culture, also known as organizational culture, is the way a company or organization does things. If the organization or company was a person, the personality would be the culture. From how employees relate and communicate to how management resolves issues, to company values, mission, ethics, goals and expectations all shape the culture of an organization. It also dictates whether employees retain their jobs or quit.

Various cultures can exist within organizations. For instance, while some businesses value teamwork, others value individual success. You may discover that some organizations value hierarchical management while other companies favour a more relaxed work environment. So either way, figuring out a company’s value is beneficial for you and the organization.

 While there is a lot of backlash against hiring for cultural fit in the sense that hiring managers are prone to bias when considering job applicants, you cannot deny that hiring for fit is important. A company whose success depends on open office plans and team collaboration on projects to promote creativity and progress should not employ introverts. Or, say an ambitious individual working in an organization that leaves no room for promotions or skill upgrades is a total misfit.


“Most companies abroad value cultural fit over skills”.


Figuring out a company’s culture can help you position yourself as a fit for the company during your interview. Here are five ways you can do so:

1. Research the company

A company’s website is usually the first place to get to know a company. Check out their mission statement and their blog section. If the mission statement resonates with you, then it might be a fit. If a company lacks a mission statement, it’s safe to assume that they lack a long-term vision. Their blogging section can give you an insight into how employees work there. The overall tone and language matter too: are they uptight or relaxed? personal or professional. 

You can generally get information like compensation, benefits, awards, employee videos and other valuable information like their stance on work flexibility by perusing a website.

Nothing impresses an interview more than knowing you researched their company. It shows seriousness and a willingness to perform.


2. Check out their Social Media Presence

How a company treats its customers can sometimes be a direct indicator of how they treat its staff. It will give you an idea of how the employees there operate.

It is noteworthy to mention that just because an organization says something online doesn’t mean they mean it. Every organisation always puts their best foot forward. But overall, their media presence will give you insights into their operations.


Check their social media to know their company culture

3. Check out the employee reviews

 You can check out a company’s review on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Salary.com. Check for red flags, like similar negative experiences.


Ask questions during interview

4. Ask questions during the interview.

Hearing from the horse’s mouth is the most effective way to learn. You can ask questions like

i. How’s the company culture here?

ii. How is an employee’s performance accessed?

iii. How do you help your employees stay motivated? Etc.

If the interview is a physical one, it pays to show up on time and observe how employees go about their work. If you get the chance to ask them questions about the company, then do so.

“Figuring out a company’s culture can help you position yourself as a fit for the company during your interview.”

In conclusion, while cultural fit benefits the company, it also benefits you. So if you really want to nail that job, figure out their company values and you can better position yourself to be a fit for the company. The video below shows Tosin Salako, a Nigerian based in Canada, explaining how companies hire for fit over skills.

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