5 Effective Freelance Communities To Make A Fortune As A Developer


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The 5 effective freelance communities to make a fortune as a developer is open to everyone willing to become a global talent through the utilities of their skills. Corporations have adapted to developers’ requests because of the tremendous importance of developers in our society. They can quickly apply for jobs and get them through freelance forums amongst others. As a result, there is constantly a lot to be done. We intend to present to you the top developer-focused freelancing communities. They include;

1. Toptal

Toptal Freelance Developers Community

Toptal is a freelance marketplace that links multinational companies with developers and other highly trained individuals like product managers and financial specialists. Numerous global corporations have registered on the site in search of developers to meet their operational requirements. If you meet the recruiting requirements, it is the ideal place to find high-paying programming work.

Toptal freelancers make between $50,355 and $234,368 a year, according to Glassdoor. Whatever your position in the world, that is a decent sum. Understanding how to negotiate is essential for generating the most money on Toptal. The better you are at negotiating, the better you will be compensated because Toptal has more high-paying gigs than other freelance sites.

2. Hired

Hired Freelance Developers Community

Hired.com is a job marketplace for IT specialists. It’s the perfect platform for developers to find employment and make the most money possible because of its focus on tech jobs. Toptal and Hired.com both function similarly. You set up a profile and allow businesses to apply to hire you with pay information available upfront. You can attract companies by showcasing your portfolio and prior employment history on your profile. You’re in good hands with the company because over 10,000 businesses currently use Hired to employ engineers. 

However, not every part of the world has access to Hired. North America and Europe are its primary regions of focus. However, it can be used by developers in these areas to land well-paying positions. Understanding how to sell yourself to potential employers is crucial in this situation. Keep in mind that there are many competitors with similar skills to you, so develop your own unique selling proposition.

3. Amazon’s Alexa Skills

Amazon Freelance Developers Community

The freelancing application and payment platform Alexa Skills is not like other platforms. In its place, it serves as a marketplace where developers can sell “skills,” or additions for Amazon Alexa smart speakers, and earn money when users use them. According to Statista, Amazon Alexa has the highest market share of any smart speaker with a 20 percent market share as of 2020. The numerous users of Alexa smart speakers can purchase “skills” from an Amazon-hosted marketplace.

Any developer with the necessary abilities can produce skills for Alexa devices and sell them on the marketplace for a premium. The most popular options are to enable a monthly membership for your skill or to give premium one-time payment features or materials. Because you need to be aware of the abilities people are looking for, earning money in this manner is typically more difficult. It resembles entrepreneurship more than regular employment.


Gigster Freelance Developers Community

A dedicated freelance marketplace for designers, product managers, and developers are called Gigster. It connects organizations looking to fill their hiring needs with developers. A typical freelance platform isn’t Gigster. Gigster matches you with a team of developers, product managers, and designers before matching you with clients, unlike most marketplaces that allow you to work alone with clients. In this way, it functions remotely just like a regular office project. To excel in Gigster, you’ll need to understand how to be a good team player.

If you fit Gigster’s requirements for employment, the organization will match you with development jobs that pay well all across the world. A development agency obtains jobs from clients throughout the world and distributes them to a team of professionals. As a result, the marketplace has an infinite number of jobs available. You’ll be OK as long as you work effectively and get along well with your colleagues.

5. Upstack

Upstack Freelance Developers Community


A platform called Upstack is devoted to hiring remote developers. It is used to complete development work by many major worldwide IT businesses, including Squarespace and In-Vision. Employers can choose from a global pool of remote developers on Upstack. You can sign up for the platform and be matched with these employers if you fit their hiring requirements. Before being accepted, keep in mind that you’ll go through an 8-point interview procedure to evaluate your technical, interpersonal, and personality qualities (or not).

This list might only represent the very lid of the channel of opportunity. To work as a developer full-time, there are numerous different freelance groups online. The five platforms we have highlighted here, nevertheless, are among the best available to developers. The software industry is expanding faster than any other sector. The need for developers is continuing to grow, and wages are at an all-time high. Why not benefit from this upswing and land a well-paying position through the Bincom Global Tech Program?


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