6 High Salary In-demand IT jobs You Need To Know


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The 6 high salary In-demand IT jobs you need to know is essential in giving you the global competitive edge. Tech skills have become indispensable today that one cannot talk about progressive work practice without talking about them.

This indispensability of tech skills has resulted in a global need for skilled tech resources to solve problems or come up with innovative ideas to help keep companies and establishments relevant in the industry. No one wants to be kicked out of the train, right?

Are you a computer programmer or an app developer? Or an aspiring project manager?  With so much to offer, choosing the best IT job for you can be difficult.  

If you are scared of starting out your career as a techie for the fear of not knowing what the future holds

This article will be looking at the most in-demand  IT jobs in 2021

6 most in-demand IT jobs with the highest starting salaries

  • Dev Ops Engineer
  • UX Designer
  • Python Developer
  • Front-end Developer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Data Scientist

Dev Ops Engineer

Average Starting Salary: £40,000

Most businesses have many departments, some of which are even inside IT.

DevOps engineers are the ones that encourage communication and collaboration across the various teams.

They combine many processes, including development, quality control, deployment, and integration, into a single process that may be repeated indefinitely.

It is a vital career that is now among the best-paid occupations in IT for graduates.

However, competition for DevOps engineering roles may be intense, so if you have your eyes set high, excellent for you, but be prepared for a difficult and challenging recruiting process.

I want to be a Devs ops Engineer 

UX Designer

Average salary: £45,000

UX designers build the user interface of an application or software and are responsible for what users see and interact with when they use an app.

UX designers create an application’s or software’s user interface and are in charge of what consumers view and interact with when using an app.

Good design influences how consumers engage with and interact with a product. A UX Designer considers everything from research to visual design, information architecture to interaction design, as well as how the website seems and feels the journey that a user would take and how these elements interact to influence the user’s experience

While customers may not understand what ‘UX’ is, they do expect well-designed, user-friendly applications and websites, and businesses must meet that demand by hiring skilled UX designers.

I want to be a UX Designer

Python Developer

Average Starting Salary: £35,000

If there was a prize for the coolest-sounding IT profession, we’d have to give it to Python coders.

These developers are in charge of building server-side web application logic and often concentrate on developing back-end components and ensuring they are effectively connected to web services.

Python developers operate behind the scenes and are frequently in charge of the servers and databases on which so much else depends.

Although it may not appear to be as glamorous as some other IT occupations, the role of a python developer is nonetheless towards the top of the best-paid positions in the IT sector.

I want to be a Python Developer

Front-end developers

Average salary: £40,000

Front-end developers are in charge of writing code for the parts of a website or application that users interact with. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the three primary languages that professionals must be good at.

According to the last Experis Tech Cities Job Watch report, web development accounted for over one-third of top tech positions posted in the first quarter of 2015.

Demand is expected to stay high as organizations continue to invest in digital technology to increase their online sales capacity.

Advances in new technologies have increased demand. HTML 5 has supplanted Flash, and technologies like angular js, Node, and Backbone are in high demand since they are faster and more effective than their predecessors.

These new programmes require new skill sets and there are currently few available professionals in the market.

I want to be a Front end Developer

Mobile Application

Mobile Application Developers create software for mobile devices.

The latest mobile devices and applications are changing the way we communicate, do business, and access news and entertainment. Businesses, consumers, and programmers have embraced this innovative medium, making a mobile application developer one of the most lucrative and fastest-growing IT career paths.

Mobile developers use the Objective C, C++, C#, or Java programming languages to create programs inside a mobile development environment. A mobile app developer selects the operating system (also known as a mobile platform) for which they will create apps, such as Google Android or Apple iOS, and then learns the programming languages and software development environment for that platform.

I want to be a Mobile Application Developer

Data Scientist

A data scientist’s function has developed and extended from that of a data analyst. They, like analysts, organize and evaluate data gathered by a company, such as sales numbers, logistics, or market research, among other things.

The distinction is that a data scientist will utilize his acquired experience as well as their ability to communicate results to both business and IT executives in a way that can impact how an organization tackles a business problem.

Depending on the industry/sector in which they work, data scientists may have a variety of responsibilities. A data scientist working for Facebook, for example, may study the sorts of pages people ‘like,’ and then use this information to determine what type of advertising the user will see while using their Facebook account.

They integrate practical abilities like computing and arithmetic with statistical analysis.

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