All About eMigr8


What is eMigr8(Who Are We)?


eMigr8 is focused on helping Tech professionals (coders and non-coders in tech ) relocate and get settlements abroad.  We assist IT professionals in discovering the opportunities in tech that are open to them on a worldwide level.

For a lot of people, the visa is the end game, but for us at eMiigr8, the visa is a side effect. Allow me to explain.

eMigr8’s true focus is on presenting you and your skills as a “GLOBAL TALENT” so you can access opportunities around the world. When you are a global talent, you become “GLOBALLY ATTRACTIVE” meaning “EVERY COUNTRY WANTS YOU”. That’s when our job is done.

What happens when every country wants you? ‘YOU’LL HAVE OPTIONS”. Unlimited and unhindered options if i may add.

Why We Do What We Do?

eMigr8 started because the founder realized that people didn’t know about the opportunities available to them. Even down to their own internal staff members, people were just unaware. And so, eMigr8 was born.

This particular reason is why we do a lot of things for free. From our information-packed Open Day sessions to our short free personal inquiry sessions, all are born out of a desire to provide people with the right information about opportunities in Tech.

Why You Should Choose Us(Why eMigr8).

eMigr8 is focused on visa pathways that lead to permanent residency/citizenship. This is largely due to the fact that developed/forward-thinking countries are willing to retain talents in their countries. 

Also, all the coaches of eMigr8 are holders of these visas. So they have the experience to coach you and ensure your application is approved. What is a better teacher than experience?

“eMigr8 is only focused on visa pathways that lead to permanent residency/citizenship.”

Our Services

We run a freemium model in eMigr8. We offer some services for free and we charge a fee for others.

  1.  Information Session:

    eg: our open days. We hold a bi-weekly super informative webinar at eMigr8. We usually have alumni of these visas share their stories as well as educate us on how to tailor our careers to meet the requirements. It’s free and super useful to anyone willing to relocate.

  2. General Enquiry:

Feel free to ask questions in our various communities or on our social media pages and we’ll get to you. Yu can join any of our communities at:


  1. Coaching and Handholding:

    We are very big on this. We understand that every individual is unique and has unique needs.

         4. Preliminary assessment of your qualification status:

            From checking your documents/pieces of evidence to your references, we want to set you up for success.


  1. Self-directed roadmap to relocation:

    Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate in the field, we got you covered


  1. Application process: 

    We help with the review and packaging of application documents as well as your personal statement. We ensure you are telling a coherent story throughout your application.


To check out our discounted prices and how to access our services, visit 

To get help with your application, indicate interest at


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