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US Work Visa: 11 Amazing Ones You Should Know

N.B: eMigr8 is focused on helping Tech Professionals and Entrepreneurs relocate and get settlements abroad. To enjoy our services, indicate interest at   Working in the United States can be a great opportunity for foreign nationals, but it is important to understand the different types of work visas that are available and the requirements […]
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eMigr8: Our Services That Can Help You Relocate Abroad

  Bincom is the parent company of eMigr8. We have certain services that can help make your relocation abroad smoother, Do check them out. Global Tech Program Career Tech Coaching LabsByBincom Bincom Mentorship Platform         1. Bincom Global Tech Program(For Beginners and Intermediates)   The world is looking for Global Tech Talents […]
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All About eMigr8

What is eMigr8(Who Are We)?   eMigr8 is focused on helping Tech professionals (coders and non-coders in tech ) relocate and get settlements abroad.  We assist IT professionals in discovering the opportunities in tech that are open to them on a worldwide level. For a lot of people, the visa is the end game, but […]
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Skilled visa

8 UK Visa Routes For Graduates You’ll Love

Did you know:                                               “You don’t need a university degree for the Global Talent Visa”   There are more than one ways to get into the UK as a bachelor’s degree holder. In […]
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Cheap Masters In UK On Your Mind? Here’s Something Better

We are available to discuss whatever visa route you desire. You can book a 10minute free personal consultation with us. Indicate interest here Open Secret: A STARTUP VISA MIGHT BE CHEAPER THAN A CHEAP MASTERS DEGREE IN THE UK!!!. While the student visa and the startup visa share some similarities in terms of what they […]
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Selling Yourself: Visa Application Tips To Get Your Visa Approved

“When applying for a tech visa, there are no interviews. Your personal statement is the only way to convince your accessor why he/she/they should give you a visa. Selling yourself in your application is super important!” Selling yourself can be uncomfortable and feel unnatural if you’re naturally modest. As a modest person, you tend to […]
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Startup Visas

WHY STARTUP VISA IS HUGE(Better Than Masters Visa)

Did you know: Some countries offer instant citizenship alongside the startup visa? When you realize the impact startups and entrepreneurs have in boosting the economy, this is no surprise(more on this below). At eMigr8, we understand that you relocate because you want a better life. That is why we always advise the startup visa over […]
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Time Factor

How To Write A Personal Statement To Avoid Rejection

Your personal statement can make or break your visa application. What you write in your personal statement can get you a yes or a rejection. One document a candidate must submit as part of a visa application or endorsement application for visas like Tech Nation is a personal statement. Tech Nation specifically requires that you […]
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Australia is the land of Kangaroos

9 Benefits Of Moving To Australia

In this post, I will be listing and explaining the benefits of moving to Australia.   Wondering if Australia is the best place for you and your family? Then read on…I have good news for you. Migrating to Australia has been increasingly popular among individuals due to its diverse culture and numerous benefits that come […]
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Startup Visas

5 Startup Visas That Can Get You Permanent Residency

  Startups give economies a huge boost. The world’s wise nations are aware of this. In response, governments are implementing startup visa schemes that give fast-track residency and citizenship.   Additionally, these initiatives—also referred to as entrepreneur visas—are geared toward those with strong business acumen and innovative ideas. These nations are aware of the benefits […]
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