9 Benefits Of Moving To Australia

Australia is the land of Kangaroos

In this post, I will be listing and explaining the benefits of moving to Australia.

Benefits of moving to Australia
Australia is known as the land of kangaroos as it is the only country that has kangaroos


Wondering if Australia is the best place for you and your family? Then read on…I have good news for you.

Migrating to Australia has been increasingly popular among individuals due to its diverse culture and numerous benefits that come with it. Most people migrate in search of a better quality of life and that is what Australia provides


With its high standard(not cost) of living and balanced lifestyle backed by its strong economy, Australia has become most people’s e choice and preference for migration compared to other countries.

So apart from its beautiful beaches and weird quirky creatures, here are 9 more reasons to move to Australia.


9 Reasons to Move to Australia

  • Job opportunities
  • A positive environment for raising children
  • Subsidized quality healthcare
  • Work, study, and live anywhere in the country
  • Great credit score
  • Apply for PR status on behalf of family members
  • High standard/quality of living
  • Travel anywhere
  • Friendly people and wonderfully diverse culture

     1. Job Opportunities

Is the availability of work one of your top considerations before relocating? Then Australia might be the perfect solution for you. In addition to having one of the highest minimum wages ($20.33 an hour), There is a lot of employment available. When compared to other countries, they have an amazing low employment rate. This is the reason they voluntarily welcome a large number of talented personnel, ranging from recent graduates to licensed experts. They have the capacity to take you and your skills into the labor market.

So if you are big on migrating to where jobs are, try Australia.

2. Family Friendly Environment and Subsidized Education For Children 

Australia has proven to be the second-best country in the world to raise a family. It gives kids a lovely, secure environment in which to live and grow.

As an Australian PR (permanent resident) visa holder, you are entitled to a number of benefits for your kids, including

i. citizenship by birth if they are born there.

ii. child care assistance:  Child Care Rebate is a program in Australia that aids parents in covering childcare expenses. With a yearly cap of $7,613 per child, it can cover up to 50% of your child care costs.

Australia also has Centrelink, a service that offers daycare and childcare services at reduced rates so you may concentrate on your work while feeling secure in the fact that your kids are being taken care of while you’re in the office.

iii. early childhood education: as a PR holder, your dependent children are qualified (up to a specific age) for free and subsidized education services at government-run public institutions.

Residents with permanent visas are also eligible to apply for the Family Tax Benefit. It is a total incentive of $2,000 AUD for the first newborn and an additional $1,000 AUD for each additional child.

Isn’t Australia just awesome?

     3. Health care

The Australian government strives to offer everyone access to a safe, high-quality, and economical healthcare system and have one of the best systems in the world.

Permanent residents will have the opportunity to make use of Medicare, a government healthcare program that offers free or heavily discounted medical services

You can get more affordable health insurance, free care at public hospitals, and discounted medications if you have full-coverage Medicare.

In most major cities, mandatory vaccinations are free and can be obtained in private or bulk-billed clinics.

Even prior to having their PR status granted, pregnant women can benefit from Medicare.

     4. Great Credit Score

After two years of residency in Australia as a bearer of a PR card, you will be entitled to access social security benefits related to employment, health, and education.

You will benefit greatly in terms of home loans, personal loans, auto loans, and other loans because your credit score will be significantly raised.

There are advantages to purchasing your first house.

There will be no additional cost for purchasing a home of any kind because you will be qualified for the FHOG (First Home Owner Grant). In fact, you can be eligible for specific tax breaks and savings incentives.

For your first new home purchase, the Australian government will provide a subsidy of up to $35,240 AUD.

Permanent visa holders are given financial assistance to study through the Higher Education Loans Program if they so want.  After graduation, you can repay the loan as well.

     5. You can apply for a PR status on behalf of family members.

You may sponsor your relatives or other family members who want to become permanent residents of Australia. If they fulfill all qualifications for an Australian permanent residency, they can enjoy its benefits just like you.

But you have to hold a PR for a year before you can become a sponsor.


“Immigrant children are well taken care of in Australia”


   6. Standard Of Living

Australians have a higher standard of living than people in other countries. It is inexpensive and of outstanding quality, and it is available at a good price.The Public transportation, schools, and hospitals are evidence of this.

You do not want to miss the stunning views and terrain.

Australia prioritizes work-life balance more than most countries. The country has been ranked as the second least stressful country.

     7. You can work, study, and live anywhere in the nation.

As an Australian permanent residency visa holder, you are eligible to work in any field for any business except certain government positions.

Additionally, you can purchase companies, real estate, and even launch your own business.

     8. Traveling  

You can easily apply for a New Zealand visa If you are an Australian permanent resident visa holder.  The New Zealand government has approved this clause. 


     9. People are friendly and the culture is wonderful

Although the prospect of relocating to a foreign country can be intimidating, Australia is the ideal place for immigrants who are sensitive to cultural differences. Immigrants make up over 20% of the country’s population. Australia’s welcoming culture attracts immigrants.

Australia’s reputation for producing the finest food is another draw to the country. Australia has a wide range of cultures, which adds to the beauty of the nation. Nevertheless, moving to Australia with ease is possible thanks to the friendly people, relaxed way of life, and reputation as a “nation of immigration.” You can easily adapt to Australia because it is a cosmopolitan nation with open-minded people.

There you go. Nine reasons to move to Australia, At the end of the day, we all want a better quality of life for ourselves and our families. That is what Australia offers.

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