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Bincom Community Events & Projects is geared at giving back to the community and building the Tech ecosystem. They focus on informing and exposing the youth to the current technology trends and how to prepare for the future in technology.

Bincom community events is divided into 5

  • Master class : Digital financial services master class, Bincom Start up school, Technology Enhanced Learning Series.
  • Meet ups: WordPress meetup, PHP meetup, Data science meetup, Python meetup, AWS meet up, Angular meet up, Laravel Meet up 
  • Idea sharing: ICT career talk 
  • Explore on the move: Tech Tour 
  • Challenge and Brain storm: Hackathon

Some of our other Initiatives include:

Bincom Tech Network

Bincom Academy uses the Bincom Tech Network Slack for collaboration purposes. Interaction with  Facilitator and other participants of Bincom Academy Class will happen on a channel in Bincom Tech Network. 


Bincom Tech Network is a developer and tech resource community powered by Bincom. We believe this will grow into one of Africa’s largest community of Tech Enthusiasts (and Experts).

Bincom Tech Club

It creates an ecosystem that enables tech enthusiast who has little or no knowledge on tech to learn and rub minds with tech experts leveraging on the tech community to frontend the possibilities for individual/club members to become tech experts themselves. 

Some Community Events Includes:

PHP Meet up

Cloud Hosting Meet Up ( formerly AWS Meet up)

Bincom Start Up school

Angular Meetup

Social Lender Digital Financial Services Master class

EdTech Meetup

Bincom ICT Career Talk

Digital Marketing meet up

Data science Meet up

Laravel / Yii Meet up

DevOps Meet Up