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Backend Track (start with PHP)

Digital Marketing Track

Frontend / Mobile App Track
(start with Javascript)

DevOps / Infrastructure Track

Data Science Track ( start with Python)

UI / UX / Graphics Track

Project / Service / Product Management Track
(start with Agile)

Quality Assurance / Automation Testing Track


The indispensability of tech skills today has resulted in a global rising need for skilled tech resources  to solve problems or come up with innovative ideas to help keep companies and establishments relevant in the industry. No one wants to be kicked out of the moving train, right?

One would think that there were enough techies to sate this rising need but the reverse is the case. There are not enough skilled tech resources available for jobs worldwide and sometimes, it is difficult to find the available few for jobs. This scarcity has created a skills gap in the tech industry and some institutions have launched programmes that train individuals in tech skills to help bridge that gap. One of such programmes is the Bincom Global Tech Programme.


The goal of the Bincom Global Tech Program is to solve one of Africa’s biggest employment problems which is finding the right and employable talent especially within the tech ecosystem. The Global Tech Programme seeks to help young talents who are looking to launch their tech careers globally.

The Program is focused on helping young tech enthusiasts along 3 key pillars:

Learn Tech Skills: Individual and customized learning paths. Mentors and facilitators at every skill level. Access to co-working space and internet

Gain Relevant Tech Experience: Individual and customized learning paths. Mentors and facilitators at every skill level. Access to co-working space and internet

Gain exposure to the endless possibilities and opportunities available in the tech ecosystem all over the world: International Career packaging and placements; guided access to international tech ecosystem. Work with global startups and corporations.

The Bincom global tech programme also incorporates eMigr8 tech-enabled visa service  that enables tech talents to relocate to countries such as the Uk, United States, Canada and France.

The Bincom Global Tech Programme spans between 1 to 2 years.  During this period, trainees are taken through an in-depth curriculum in their chosen tech tracks, and also in development of soft skills required for them to become globally attractive in the tech ecosystem both locally and internationally. 


Here is a high-level process flow of how getting into the Bincom Global Tech Programme works.

    Step 1:

Interested Candidate indicate their interest  on

    Step 2:

Candidates are vetted to ascertain eligibility for the programme as per general minimum requirements

    Step 3:

Offer is made to Eligible Candidates

    Step 4:

Agreement and Payment of Fees are finalized

    Step 5:

Internal Onboarding of Eligible Candidates to become a Bincom Global Tech Trainee (who we call a Techie).


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Programme Breakdown


Core Programme

Foundation Level Programme:
Candidates who do not yet have the prerequisite knowledge may be accepted at stage 0 where the foundational level and prerequisite skills for the knowledge track  will be gained.

Beginner Level:
This is an intensive training powered by Bincom Dev Center. In this training, the candidate undergoes intensive ICT training, with a facilitator who holds their hands by coaching them through the elementary level of the program. Some of the knowledge areas we offer in the Bincom Global Tech programme are PHP, Python, Mobile app Frontend, Project Management, DevOps, Graphic Design and Digital marketing.

Intermediate Level:
This is the next stage after the Beginner Level. It is the transition into the Advanced level of the program after the Beginner level.

Allocate Participant to Mentor/Buddy to Understudy:
A Global Tech participant is assigned a mentor who will tailor the program through the pathway it should go. The mentor will provide the participant information about his or her career path alongside providing guidance, motivation, emotional support and role modelling. The mentor would also aid in setting goals, developing contacts and identifying resources.

Assign participants to real life projects (under Mentor’s guidance):
The participant is assigned a multiple project environment either in the Organization, our partner company or our client location. The participants undergo training with real life projects and real-life clients enabling them to gain real life experience and application of IT skills acquired.

Advanced level program:
Here, participants would be groomed to be globally attractive in the labour market. Our  advanced classes will integrate learning using the most recent tools and techniques to handle real life projects.

Complementary skill training while gaining experience:
Overtime, participants improve their communication, collaboration and time management skills while performing tasks in their respective teams.

 Focus on Gaining Experiences and personal Brand building:
The program is focused on gaining experience working on real life projects and real-life clients and also building a customized brand.


Bincom Dev Center Microservices

Knowledge Development:
This is a platform where a techie comes to teach and demonstrate a tech topic learnt to other techies. There are two aspects to knowledge development. It is either a participant is presenting a KD topic or is attending a session.

Personal Development:
A participant is expected to dedicate at least 20 hours per month to develop in a chosen career path. This personal learning is required to empower them to become an independent learner and motivating them to achieve their full potential.

Knowledge Exchange:
This involves the coming together of techies to teach, demonstrate and contribute to a tech topic. Hereby exchanging knowledge and solving technological problems.

 Weekly Drills:
A question is posted weekly on the assigned channel for the participants to brainstorm and try to solve. A price is awarded to whoever gets it right first.

Community Events (and Projects):
Tech events / Projects are organized for techies in a tech pathway from time to time. The Techie will also be required to be actively involved in the delivery of the community event

External Events (and Projects):
Participants are exposed to external Tech events to aid their tech career path.

Tech Updates:
Participants are encouraged to subscribe to tech content e.g. Blogs and share with the network whatever they find interesting so others can learn too on a weekly basis.

our advisers


Bincom Dev Center Microservices

Tech Career Packaging:
Our techies have access to a special career packaging in order to make them well positioned. This helps them to build personal brands to become global talents. They are being packaged in a manner to attract the best Tech jobs either locally or internationally. We aid them in building their resume in a way that they become attractive to the global tech industry. Our Tech Career Packaging microservice focuses on helping our Techies land their next Tech role (at the next level of their career). Even though, our techies become locally attractive in the short term,  our focus is to help each individual Techie become globally attractive, attract remote/international roles and land high paying jobs in the field of technology. The microservice will focus on helping our techie prepare for and eventually land their next tech role.

Personalized Programme Coordination:
Each Techie of the Global Tech Program will have a personalized service where a Proservices member manages their daily time table and activities. The programme can also be personalised to some extent based on the interest and unique circumstance of the techie.

Weekly Review:
This is a platform where each participant has a one-on-one interaction on his/her weekly activity. Techies are able to review all their learnings and progress during the week and ask for help from a Subject Matter Expert for various teams.

Soft Skills:
The participants are exposed to the right combination of soft skills required to thrive in the tech industry. Some of the soft-skills we are building include leadership skills, team work, communication skills, problem solving skills, work ethics, flexibility, interpersonal skills etc. Techies will be trained on a series of Soft skills training needed as an employee within a Corporate Organization.

Additional Internal Bincom Academy Classes:
Our participants get to attend our Bincom Academy class from time to time to gain more knowledge and get updated technologically. There is access to extra classes/courses asides the regular Bincom Academy curriculum

Public Artefacts:
We work with our techies to build the required public artefacts to show a track record of development in the tech space.

Professional References:
Professional References and recommendations are critical for a fast tracked professional growth in the Tech industry. The programme helps the individual techies to build a strong professional reference that comes handy throughout their Tech career beyond their next step

Earn while you Learn:
The programme incorporates various avenues for the techie to start earning income while they learn.  Partnering with My Circle, the programme starts by enabling the participant to convert influence into income as an Ambassador on My Circle. As the skill level progresses, in addition to this, the participant will be able to offer freelance skills in the Tech Ecosystem

Extra Add Ons - Services

Light Space:
The programme is 90% remote and mostly virtual.

eMigr8 (Tech-enabled Visa Opportunity):
The programme incorporates the eMigr8 Premium offering for internal team members. This is a tech-enabled pathway to relocation and settlement across various countries for Global Tech participants. It is a community that exposes and package our techies for Tech enables Visa Opportunities. Bincom Global Tech Programme participants will have access to The Premium eMigr8 package which includes one on one consultations as at when required. This package in itself costs N1,2000,000. (

eMigr8 Premium (for Internal Team):
This microservice focuses on preparing our Techies for tech-enabled visa opportunities for relocation and settlement. This will serve as our internal consulting session for eMigr8 premium service. This session is designed to complement the eMigr8 Open Day and other eMigr8 activities which is opened to our Team members.

Bincom Mentoring Platform:
Techies have access to mentors (who are Subject Matter Experts) during the whole course of their programme.

LABs by Bincom:
This is a 3-6 months programme where you and a team of 3-10 create a startup from scratch. The program serves as a practical  learning opportunity to improve your career and portfolio as a techie

Bincom Incubator Programme:
Techies have access to the Bincom Incubator programme where they can choose to generate their own tech business ideas and also building on them to create their own startups.

Head Hunter Service:
Techies are assisted in searching for suitable roles towards the end of their programme.

Hours of Engagement

You have opted for the following hours of Engagement during the programme to attend training, external events and other addons.

Regular Shift
40 hours weekly ( 8am – 5pm on Weekdays
+ 1 – 2 Saturdays a month)

Night Shift
40 hours weekly ( 5pm – late on Weekdays
+ 1 – 2 Saturdays a month)
Majorly Weekend Shift
40 hours weekly ( 10am – 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays ( 5pm – late on Weekdays
+ 4 hours every Weekday


Bincom Global Tech Program is an intensive training programme that requires your dedication, it is important you fully understand what is required of you;

I have researched what it’s like to work in my knowledge track

I can devote 40hours weekly for the programme

I understand that i have to attend classes , review sessions and events online

I have access to a computer, internet, and quiet workspace (or I will access on of the co-working spaces)

I have explored the tuition options and know the right option for me.

I have a plan for how I will cover living expenses while I’m undergoing training

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