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Must I have experience in the knowledge track I choose before I apply?

No. You do not need experience in your chosen knowledge track. You will be advised to enroll at stage 0 of the programme where you will be able to go through various aspect of the programme  that will help develop the prerequisite skill. Alternatively, you may be advised to to enroll in our apprenticeship program or Bincom Academy before you come for the Global tech program

What is the success rate overtime for Job Placement?

Over the years, Bincom has over 95% job placement success rate for people who complete the requirements for the programme.

I'm not sure which track to focus on as i have no experience in Tech

Please indicate your interest in the programme.  During the interview process, you will be advised on the various options based on your unique circumstance. In addition, you will be able to switch knowledge track during specific stages of the programme.  You will be able to start from stage 0 (foundational Stage) of the programme. There is a knowledge track for everyone, our IT Advisory/Coaching service embedded in the programme will help you find yours.

What if I don't have 40hours a week for the programme?

You are expected to be ready to dedicate at least 40 hours per week for this programme but in a case where your schedule may not permit, we do provide a few options. In limited cases, you may also be able to do a part-time programme. This is however only approved on a case by case basis.

I can not cope with any of the proposed shifts, can I mix the shifts?

It is not a problem. Even though we recommend one of the shifts that has been pre-defined. You can also indicate how you would like to spread your 40 hours per week time commitment to suit your schedule. The programme however requires a stable time allocation on a week on week basis. You can not have variable time allocation as it would be impossible to track.

Must I wait for 2 years before getting a job?

This will depend on how quickly you complete the requirements build the right combination of skill, experience and exposure. It is a 1-2 years programme. (1 year minimum and 2 years maximum).  Completing the programme will depend on how quickly you are able to meet all the individual requirements at the 3 stages of the programme.

I have Background in System Engineering (Hardware) and I am not sure what Modern Tech Skill track I should focus on.

Please indicate interest in the programme at bincom.net/globaltech. You will be sent a link with additional information on the various features and requirements for the programme.

What are those requirements?

Please indicate interest in the programme at bincom.net/globaltech. You will be sent a link with additional information on the various features and requirements for the programme.

Seen through the courses, Why Angular and Ionic? Why not React and react native?

You will need to learn multiple frameworks and  languages as part of the programme. You will start with one language which we expect you to master within a short period of time and then you will be required to learn additional languages and frameworks to ensure you are versatile in the industry.

Note that at stage 3 of the programme, you will also have additional flexibility on your knowledge track.

How do I make a payment ?

Please complete the indication of interest form and the Global Tech Onboarding Form. If shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview to assess your suitability for the programme. Once admitted, you will be sent additional information with the details you will be needing to make payment

What is the initial payment / commitment fee?

Regardless of the payment plan you picked above, you will be required to make a minimum initial payment of 300,000 Naira. (Three Hundred Thousand Naira) which is also referred to as the commitment fee.

There are a few options that can be offered for the initial payment of  300,000 Naira. (Three Hundred Thousand Naira). You can find some of the third party financing options currently available for the initial payment here: 


Can I get a Loan for the Initial Payment?

Yes, you can also get a loan for the initial payment. You can find some of the third party financing options currently available for the initial payment here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DpElzgXRa9g4aUS9oWyTxQbyd8FmcAFd?usp=sharing

Is Learning Skills by yourself cheaper?

The Typical Cost of Self Study during Working Hours is as follows

– You need 8 – 10 hours commitment per day for the 1 – 2 years journey.

– Internet Data Cost: 1 GB = 300 naira (average of 2 GB per day )

– Fuel / Power Cost: 1 litre ~ 150 naira (average 4 litres of fuel

per day )

– Total Daily Cost: ~1,200 naira per day (average 25 days a month )

– Average Cost for 1 year: 360,000 naira

– and this is only a fraction of the cost of what you need

The programme gives you access to co-working space with internet access in multiple locations in Nigeria as an extra addon with more locations coming up. (blog.bincom.net/campuses)


There are many other associated costs to Learning Skills by yourself. The above has been shared as an illustration only.

Is Learning Skills by Yourself faster?

While there is no alternative to hard work, our network of mentors and facilitators will handhold you to achieve your goals faster just like a rocket ship.

Do you need Experience to thrive in the field of Tech?

Given the Task: ” Kill Fly “, What Tool would you use? A Sledge Hammer?


We bridge the gap between knowledge acquisition and application by providing the atmosphere to gain hands on experience while also developing soft skills needed to thrive in Tech.

Do you need Exposure to thrive in the field of Tech?

We see this very often: a huge gap between “Things you know you don’t know” and “Things you don’t know you don’t know”


We solve the challenge of finding the right environment and exposure needed for innovation to thrive and to finally learn the things you didn’t know you didn’t know.

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