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Bincom is the parent company of eMigr8. We have certain services that can help make your relocation abroad smoother, Do check them out.

  1. Global Tech Program
  2. Career Tech Coaching
  3. LabsByBincom
  4. Bincom Mentorship Platform


      1. Bincom Global Tech Program(For Beginners and Intermediates)


The world is looking for Global Tech Talents with the right exposure, the right skill, and the right experience.

Bincom Global Tech Programme is a 1-2years program that prepares you to become a Global Talent. This is because we do not only give you the training and the skills, we give you experience and exposure. You get to work on real-life projects whilst training. After you are done training, you have the experience of a year or two with live evidence that you can refer to during your visa application.


Landing a job abroad when you are good at what you do with experience references is also much easier. You don’t want to learn a skill for two years and then start looking for entry-level jobs that don’t pay much do you?


This program is also great for intermediates. You might have the skills for a tech visa but if you lack exposure you might be denied the visa. So if you are skilled and you need exposure and relevant experience, we can help.

You also get to upskill yourself in an environment built to help you be the best at what you do.


To enjoy this service, visit here: Elijah pls put global tech link here


“The world is looking for Global Tech Talents with the right exposure, the right skill, and the right experience. The Bincom Global Tech Program is designed to give you just that.”


      2. Tech Career Coaching: Land a Job in your Dream Country


eMigr8 has an open day session on TIPS LANDING A JOB ABROAD. The more than 1-hour video is on our youtube page(link below). A must-watch for everyone seeking visa sponsorship to relocate.


Our Tech Career Coaching focuses on helping tech talents land a job abroad. The service provides:

  • relevant experience in target countries: e.g if the UK is your chosen country, we can help you with UK working experience. Just tell us your choice of country.
  • connection with technical recruiters
  • tech employment and recruitment services

We also help companies and founders find Tech Talents. To use this service, visit www.blog.bincom.net/emigr8pricing and feel out our request for service form and we’ll get back to you.


      3. LabsByBincom: A Nursery For Start-ups


Did you know that having the word “Founder” in your CV is a booster to your application? Labs by Bincom is designed to give this experience.

Labs by Bincom is a 3-6months program that allows you and a team of 3-6people to build a product-led digital product/startup. You will work on technical products/solutions that will be used by real-life people.

It is an instant profile booster. You can register for LabsByBincome here: https://bit.ly/labsbybincom


“Want to add “Founder” of a working app/startup to your CV and increase your chance of getting a tech visa? Then join LabsByBincom”


      4. Bincom Mentoring Platform


Visas like the Tech Nation Visa consider people who have mentored others. They require you to have mentored on a structured platform as the one Bincom has.

You get to share your expertise and experience with beginners in the field whilst building your profile.

Of course, we expect you to meet certain professional experience levels. If you believe that you have the experience needed to mentor people and you are looking for a way to boost your profile, you can sign up for our mentoring platform service here: https://bit.ly/3T8vwvh

“Tech a Nation Visa accepts evidence of mentorship, on a  structured platform like Bincom, as evidence of global talent.”

Some of these services are FREE and some require a fee. Either way, you can rest assured that we can solve your problems. If you need help with your application for a tech visa, visit here

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