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An intensive 3-months to 2 years training programme for a
career in you own chosen field

why choose us

The Bincom Global Tech Programme spans between 3-months to 2 years.  During this period, trainees are taken through an in-depth curriculum in their chosen tech tracks, and also in development of soft skills required for them to become globally attractive in the tech ecosystem. 

The Program is focused on helping young tech enthusiasts along 3 key pillars

knowledge tracks

Data Science Track
( start with Python)

Backend Track
(Start With PHP)

Frontend / Mobile App Track
(start with Javascript)

DevOps / Infrastructure Track

UI / UX / Graphics Track

Project / Service / Product Management Tracks

Digital Marketing Track


Here is a high-level process flow of how getting into the Bincom Global Tech Programme works.

    Step 1:

Interested candidates indicate their interest  on

    Step 2:

Candidates are vetted to ascertain eligibility for the programme as per general minimum requirements

    Step 3:

Offers are made to eligible candidates

    Step 4:

Agreement and payment of fees are finalized

    Step 5:

Internal onboarding of eligible candidates to become a Bincom Global Tech Trainee (who we call a Techie).

Programme Breakdown

A. Core Programme

Foundation Level Programme

A foundational level program is designed to fill the gap between your current level of qualification and knowledge and the level needed to attain proficiency of the program covered.

Allocate Participants To Mentors

During the program, mentor-mentee matching is well established to ace the participant’s learning process, thereby minimizing the learning curve. In such context, participants becomes seasoned.

Complementary Skill Training While Gaining Skills

Aside gaining access to the program, the participants gets access to quality global exposure with hands-on experience to solidify their learning process.

Personal Brand Building

Participants in the global tech programme have a strategic edge in creating their portfolios as global talents because Bincom Global is a global brand.

B. Bincom Dev Center Microservices
Knowledge Development

This is a platform where a techie comes to teach and demonstrate a tech topic learnt to other techies. There are two aspects to knowledge development. It is either a participant is presenting a KD topic or is attending a session.

Personal Development

A participant is expected to dedicate at least 20 hours per month to develop in a chosen career path. This personal learning is required to empower them to become an independent learner and motivating them to achieve their full potential.

Community Events (and Projects)

Tech events / Projects are organized for techies in a tech pathway from time to time. The Techie will also be required to be actively involved in the delivery of the community event

Open Source Community (Tech Community)

With the goal and vision of being globally attractive, one of the strategies is that participants should try to contribute to open source communities or other tech communities e.g. Mifos, WordPress, Joomla etc.

C. Extra Add ons
Tech Career Coaching

Our techies have access to a special career coaching in order to make them well positioned. This helps them to build personal brands to become global talents. They are being packaged in a manner to attract the best Tech jobs either locally or internationally. We aid them in building their resume in a way that they become attractive to the global tech industry.

Personalized Programme Coordination

Each Techie of the Global Tech Program will have a personalized service where a Proservices member manages their daily time table and activities. The programme can also be personalised to some extent based on the interest and unique circumstance of the techie.

Professional References

Professional References and recommendations are critical for a fast tracked professional growth in the Tech industry. The programme helps the individual techies to build a strong professional reference that comes handy throughout their Tech career beyond their next step.

Earn while you Learn

The programme incorporates various avenues for the techie to start earning income while they learn.  Partnering with My Circle, the programme starts by enabling the participant to convert influence into income as an Ambassador on My Circle. As the skill level progresses, in addition to this, the participant will be able to offer freelance skills in the Tech Ecosystem

Extra Add Ons - Services

Light Space

The programme is 90% remote and mostly virtual.

eMigr8 (Tech-enabled Visa Opportunity)

The programme incorporates the eMigr8 Premium offering for internal team members. This is a tech-enabled pathway to relocation and settlement across various countries for Global Tech participants. It is a community that exposes and package our techies for Tech enables Visa Opportunities. Bincom Global Tech Programme participants will have access to The Premium eMigr8 package which includes one on one consultations as at when required. This package in itself costs N1,2000,000mbers.. (

LABs by Bincom

This is a 3-6 months programme where you and a team of 3-10 create a startup from scratch. The program serves as a practical  learning opportunity to improve your career and portfolio as a techie

Hours of Engagement

You have opted for the following hours of Engagement during the programme to attend training, external events and other addons.

Regular Shift
40 hours weekly
( 8am – 5pm on Weekdays

+ 1 – 2 Saturdays a month)

Night Shift
40 hours weekly
( 5pm late evening on Weekdays
+1-2 Saturdays a month)

Majorly Weekend Shift

40 hours weekly ( 10am – 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays ( 5pm – late on Weekdays
+ 4 hours every Weekday


Bincom Global Tech Program is an intensive training programme that requires your dedication, it is important you fully understand what is required of you;

I have researched what it’s like to work in my knowledge track

I can devote 40hours weekly for the programme

I understand that i have to attend classes , review sessions and events online

I have access to a computer, internet, and quiet workspace (or I will access on of the co-working spaces)

I have explored the tuition options and know the right option for me.

I have a plan for how I will cover living expenses while I’m undergoing training

our advisOrs

Third Party financing options

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