You want to create the next killer app. But how do you make this app? Creating a mobile app may look cumbersome, but if one acquires the skills required of this task,
it may then seem quite easy. For a developer to build an app, he has to be quite creative, have the knowledge of how the interface works, be knowledgeable about Users experience(i.e should be able to proffer solutions to the idea through critical thinking).
However, before an app is created by a developer, some steps are put into action.
Below are some steps necessary to create an app;

STEP1> Sketch Out Your Idea
Every app starts with an idea. Sketch out your idea (probably with pen and paper). The goal of a mobile app is to make the idea tangible. Define how the app works and what its features are.

WytePad Paper being used for app sketching | Paper, Your design, Brainstorming

STEP2> Do competitive market research
Many developers skip this stage, but it is crucial to making an app. You want to know if your app is viable.
The intended app idea should be able to meet the needs of people. However, there might be another existing mobile app in the app store that performs the same functions like your app, but you don’t have to panic, because it shows that your idea is needed and acceptable.



STEP3> Create Mockups of Your app
A mockup is a rough sketch of your app’s layout, user interfaces (UIs) and flow. It’s best to make mobile app  mockups before you start to build the app.


STEP4> Make Your Apps Graphic Design
As your app begins to take shape, the next thing to do is to make a graphic design which includes pixel-perfect visual details, images, animations etc.
This can be done by you or hiring a professional graphic designer.

STEP5> Build Your Apps

Now you know what is needed for your app, you then use the coding skills you have obtained to build your app. Andriod or/an IOS, there are various technologies for building these applications, android uses Andriod studio while IOS uses Xcode. There are other operating systems like Windows, Linux etc.

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STEP6> Launch Your App in The App Store
Now that you have built your app, its time to launch it, for Andriod you use Google Playstore while IOS uses Apple App store.
So you register, prepare your title and meta data, upload your app, after it is being reviewed the app gets published people can download them for use.

STEP7> Market Your App
Now that it has been published, It does not end here you have to promote your app and market them to the right people.

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