How To Write A Personal Statement To Avoid Rejection

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Your personal statement can make or break your visa application. What you write in your personal statement can get you a yes or a rejection.

One document a candidate must submit as part of a visa application or endorsement application for visas like Tech Nation is a personal statement. Tech Nation specifically requires that you submit this along with a resume, three letters of recommendation, and supporting documentation.

While visas like Tech Nation have a set of questions they require you to answer in your personal statement, most countries usually require applicants to answer one basic question in their personal statement: “Why should we give you a visa?”

In this post, I will be focusing on the Dos and Don’t of writing a personal statement. Although I would be focusing on the UK Global Talent Visa (a.k.a Tech Nation visa), these tips can be applied generally when applying for a Work/Tech Visa to any country. You are one step closer to getting your visa approved when you follow these tips.


The DOs When Writing Your Personal Statement

How to write a personal statement

The UK Tech Nation Visa has specific questions you must answer in your personal statement document:


  • Why do you want to come to the UK?
  • What are your long-term plans in the UK?
  • What will your occupation be in the UK?
  • Which region or city of the UK are you planning to live in?
  • How will the UK digital technology benefit from your work?


You have limited space, not more than 1000 words to answer these very critical questions.


1. Focus more on your future and less on your past when writing

The word “will” appears in each of the Tech Nation’s questions, so you should focus more on your future plans than your past. Although you should discuss your prior successes but pay more attention to your future ambitions and goals. 


2. Ensure that it is well structured


Your personal statement’s format may vary, but adding an introduction and a conclusion will give it a clearer, more logical feel. Introduce yourself and state your reasons for writing the statement (for example, to request Tech Nation’s endorsement) before moving on to the main topic. For the ending, the same holds true. Clarity and straightforwardness are key when concluding the message. The goal is to convince them, not confuse them.


Pro Tip

Try to give the main part of your personal statement some structure so that the committee will find it easier to read. This can be accomplished by separating each mandatory question’s answer into its own paragraph.

Use numbers too. The success and worth of your business and/or product are best determined by the numbers.

3. Uniformity is essential


You should have a single umbrella topic for the entire statement. This will make it easier for you to follow the structure and prevent hopping from one idea to another.


For instance, if Data Analysis is your area of interest, be sure to answer all the questions and structure your essay accordingly. Mention your interest in Data Analysis in relation to the city you chose to live in, the job you intend to have there, your future aspirations, and your potential power in the sector.


4. Salutation


Although not required, it is polite to extend a few words of greeting and farewell. It costs nothing and actually puts you in a good light.

Pro Tips for answering the five questions


  • It is crucial to demonstrate why your chosen field should be taken into consideration. Mention your field’s importance to the UK and what you can provide in simple terms.
  • Research where you intend to stay so you can better answer the question of where you are planning to stay. It helps if you chose a place where there’s a high demand for your own skills
  • you can demonstrate your step-after-step approach to a professional career.
  • You can mention the technological advancements you aim to bring about, the development of new markets, the projected expansion of a company, and the activities you’ll engage in outside of your primary line of work.
  • Strive to build a connection in your personal statement. You can start your statement with something that inspires you
  • Avoid talking about the wonder and the beauty that the UK is. Just explain why it is the best place for you.


The Dont’s When Writing Your Personal Statement

      1. Don’t rewrite your CV

It is very common for applicants to do this. As Francsisca Chiedu mentions in the video above, this can get your visa application rejected.

Your personal statement should reflect why you should be considered exceptional as well as your future plans for yourself in the UK and for the UK digital economy as well.

      2. Avoid links when you write your personal statement

Your statement will be read in paper form so don’t bother with links. You only have 1000 words, don’t waste it.


      3. Avoid Fluffy Adjectives

Try to avoid using meaningless words. Be factual when writing your personal statement. Keep in mind that you have minimum words (and character) limit. 

Additionally, you must back up any claims that you make in the form of superlatives, such as “I’m the best” or ” My project is the most successful in the sector.”


      4. Grammar Errors

Simple errors can impact how the Assessment Board understands the major point of your write-up. So, don’t skip the proofreading step. native speaker for assistance.


It is advisable to have somebody else look at your statement before submitting it.

And that’s it!

Applying these tips will help you write a good personal statement. It is better to be diligent in your write-up than to face rejections.

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