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Tech-enabled visa opportunities. Tech-enabled visa pathway to relocation abroad and settlement abroad. 

When a lot of people talk about relocation abroad all you hear is “japa”. 

What people don’t know is that there are more reasons to relocate abroad than just for the so-called japa reason. Most people are not aware of the opportunities available to them instead, of running away from your country why not relocate abroad to settle the right way. This way future in that country you are relocating to is secured. Most people move abroad with no plans and no skills with the hope to find or search for a job when they get there. A great plan should be in place before moving abroad. 

Furthermore, whether you are a techie or a newbie looking to launch a career in tech then, this blog is for you.  Great and developed countries abroad actually need you to come to their country and of course, that is if you can actually add value to their countries growth\development. Acquiring a skill is one of the first steps to take and also seeking professional guidance from professionals, doing this will make your relocation and settlement plans easier. 

For example countries like the UK, the US, Canada, France to mention a few, have in place different types of visas available at different levels for individuals, indicate interest at eMigr8  to know more about these visas options available.

Below is the list of some available tech-enabled visas and routes to relocation and settlement: 

In addition, whether you’re an individual, a start-up or even an established business looking to go global you should consider these visa options available and also seek professional guidance and trust me you’re already on your way to global greatness. 

  • UK 
  • Start-up Visa 
  • Innovative Visa 
  • Skilled worker route 
  • US
  • O1A + EB2 
  • EB1 
  • Start-up Visa 
  • French Tech Visa 


  • European Start-up Visas 
  • Freelance Visa 
  • Digital Nomad Visas 
  • UAE 

In this blog, I will be explaining the UK tech-enabled visa pathway specifically the Tech Nation Visa. 


  • UK Global Talent Visa for Digital Technology (Tech Nation Visa) 

The Tech Nation Visa enables the best tech talent from around the world to work in the UK’s digital technology sector, contributing their advanced technical expertise, creativity and innovation to maintaining the UK’s position at the forefront of the global digital economy. 

The UK is inviting tech leaders, founders and businesses to the UK to come help build the UK digital economy as there is a need for tech experts in the UK.

Tech Nation Visa can lead to permanent residence in the UK. This makes it one of the best pathways to relocation and settlement to the UK.

Listed below are some of the benefits of the Tech Nation Visa:
  • Employees and founders can benefit from this visa pathway. 
  • Technical and business background: whether you are a tech profile or are into the business side of tech you can benefit from this visa pathway. 
  • Exceptional Talent and Promise routes are available depending on your experience so, no matter your experience there is a route for you.
  • Visa granted for up to 5 years.
  • Extended as many times as you need: the visa can be renewed and extended as many times as you wish to. 
  • Highly flexible: the Global Talent Visa allows you to work and change employers or be self-employed and it is not tied to a specific location. 
  • Family may join you but this is subject to requirements, visit Visa – UK Tech Visa – Tech Nation for more information. 

There are 2 routes available to different levels of experience: 

  • Exceptional Talent: this is for an individual who is proven to be a recognized leader
  • Exceptional Promise: this is for an individual who is proven to be an emerging leader

Subsequently applicants can be eligible for settlement under the Tech Nation Visa route. The qualifying period depends on the criteria of which your visa is granted. For the Exceptional Talent it is 3 years and for the Exceptional Promise, it is 5 years. 


It is seen that there is a need for tech professionals in many countries. Not only do these countries have different tech-enabled pathways available for technical individuals and businesses. But also most of these pathways lead to relocation abroad and permanent settlement. With the right skills and guidance, as a result you can qualify as an Exceptional Talent or Promise in no time. Why travel just because you want to leave your current country, why not relocate abroad because you want to add value to the country you are relocation to? Focus on being an expatriate not just an immigrant. 

Furthermore, relocation abroad and Settlement abroad goes beyond just getting a visa. Without the proper guidance and requirements it’s just going to be a wild goose chase. 

The eMigr8 open day is a “Free” session where you get to ask questions about tech-enabled visas and also get valuable information about tech-enabled visa pathways.

Visit eMigr8  to indicate interest and learn more. 

Requiring the guidance of experts for counsel is equally important as getting a visa. 

Are you at zero at the moment as a techie? Not to worry you can be an exceptional talent in 4years with help from experts. 

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