Selling Yourself: Visa Application Tips To Get Your Visa Approved

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Selling yourself Visa Application tips

“When applying for a tech visa, there are no interviews. Your personal statement is the only way to convince your accessor why he/she/they should give you a visa. Selling yourself in your application is super important!”

Selling yourself can be uncomfortable and feel unnatural if you’re naturally modest. As a modest person, you tend to often downplay your abilities and achievements. You probably erase them from your application because you don’t want to sound boastful, or maybe you don’t recognize that they are special. 

What you don’t realize is that you are not giving whoever is assessing your application enough reason to consider your application. Most of these visas are given to the best of the best, so if you are not highlighting that you are the best, why should they give you a visa? Think about it. 

Luckily for you, I am here to help you get past your inhibitions and help you sell yourself. Here are four ways you can get your visa application approved:

1. Know your strengths:

Know your strengths

What are you good at?

That’s a question you should ask yourself as well as this one: What aren’t you good at?

The first step to selling yourself is to recognize that you have skills and strengths worth talking about. Start by looking at the different activities that make up your life and make a list of the skills you used. Depending on what you do, your list can include things like, “an understanding of the market,” “business development,” “website development,” or “product expertise.” Focus on what you are good at and forget about what you are not.

Some questions you can ask yourself while making this list include:

  • What am I good at?
  • Are there things others complimented me about the most?
  • What have others had to help me with on more than one occasion?
  • Which projects and tasks seem to drain my energy?
  • Which projects have I spent hours on without getting tired?
  • What are my hobbies, and why do I like doing them?

It’s always good to ask friends, family, your boss (old or new) and the tutors who know you best what they think you’re good at.

2. Change your mentality: you’re not boasting

Do you find yourself worrying that you are boasting too much during interviews?

That mentality has to change. You are not boasting. You are merely providing evidence that you are good for the job or that you deserve a visa. That is the true definition of selling yourself.

Again, you won’t be present when an assessor is reviewing your application. Accessors don’t have superpowers. Unless you tell them about your skills and highlight what you are best at, they won’t know and will probably not endorse you for a visa. So approach the application with the attitude that you are going to tell them about all of the skills that are relevant to their requirements. It’s the truth. 

3. Remember you’re talking to a human


Finally, remember this: You’re not writing to an institution but to a human being.

Write your personal statement like you are having a conversation with someone you want to impress, not your friends. Try building a connection with whoever is assessing our application. We are all emotional beings at the end of the day and we love a good story of other people overcoming obstacles and hitting their goals.

Some useful tips include using contractions (“I’m…” rather than “I am…”) and reading your personal statement aloud to see how it flows.

Let your passion and excitement shine through in your application. There is nothing more appealing than reading about someone who is excited about what they do.

You have submitted documents proving your excellent work. Now show how you happily did that work without giving up, referring to your documented evidence.

Try building connection with whoever is assessing our application. We are all emotional beings at the end of the day.

4. Proofread 

At least once. 

The importance of this cannot be understated. Have you ever read a badly written email or text from someone? How did that make you feel? Now think about how your assessor will feel when reading your badly written application. Or maybe you wrote with a lot of inconsistencies. Or maybe you didn’t follow the required format. You will definitely leave a sour impression on them as these are just basic things you neglected. You want to sell


Leave yourself plenty of time to review everything in your application at the end. It s not out of place to ask someone in your network who understands the application process to review your application. In fact, I highly recommend it.

 Send your application to a friend and ask them to identify any spelling mistakes. Read your responses out loud – make sure everything makes sense.

There, those are the 4 ways you can sell yourself and get your visa approved.

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