Unlike other tech skill, Graphics design teaches about Interface design, users experience including functionalities of the overall design.

This design is what we commonly see on social media, on our phones, and even pasted sometimes around the vicinity. Some common examples are; flyers, Wedding Invitations, logos, magazines, videos games, billboards e.t.c. These are usually what comes to mind of an average person when Graphics Design is asked.

It is way beyond that in recent years. Graphics design is more like an art creation. To qualify for this skill, one has to be originally creative, must learn how colours are combined, how words are being aligned, including the graphical interface.

Note that it is quite important to have a solid understanding of the element and principles of design.


Elements of Art are the basic unit of any visual design which forms the design structure. These elements includes:

LINE: This is the most basic part of the element. It could be curve, straight, one-dimensional, 3-dimensional, thick and thick line. It is just a simple element of design

Colour: Unlike other element, colour is what adds value to a shape or an entire design. It drives people to focus on the design. If a colour is appealing and attractive, it tends to reveal a good performance insight.

However, one must learn the colour wheel and know how color combination is done.

Shape: shapes are also important elements of design. It is 2-dimensional created by lines. We have organic shapes, abstract and geometric shapes

TEXTURE: This refers to how designs feel like if they to be touched.  Texture design could be rough, smooth, glossy, soft or hard. Texture can also be added to other elements like shapes, colours, images.

SIZE is how small or large a shape is. Size could work on the text, objects/shapes.

SPACE: Refers to some area of design that isn’t filled up. They are usually blank

Graphics design is like a life compliment amidst other elements around it. It is important on virtually everyone in the tech line or even a business person to learn Graphics design.

How can you have this Experience?

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