Often times, the audience wonders if Digital marketing is a new technology, due to its popularity in recent years. The roar about this skill has made it one of the leading skills in the tech world.
Today, absolutely nothing fulfilling could be achieved on a brand without giving it a digital transformation.
Digital marketing is necessary for virtually all products/services wanting to be known and patronized by the general public. Improving a brand from a traditional way of marketing to online marketing is key, to drive the targeted audience into your business.

Why should you learn Digital Marketing?
One of the most profitable and flexible careers is Digital marketing. Despite that it is challenging, it is suitable for people who are passionate about adding value to product/service. At Bincom Academy, we stay up with you from the start till you are being sought for in the tech Industry. You don’t need many requirements for this course. All you need is a laptop and a passion to take lead in this career. The Digital marketing course includes:


  • Social media marketing
    Content marketing
    Email marketing
    SEO marketing
    Web design
    Pay-per-click advertising
  • All these subparts of Digital marketing listed are needed to promote one’s brand, depending on the brand’s need for development.

Digital marketing started about three decades ago and became more advanced in the 1990s and 2000s through online marketing methodology. Online marketing involves the use of smartphones, computers and the internet to create brand awareness. Besides, it is one of the skills you can do from home without having to work outside of your home.



Building brand awareness online is one thing that baffles online marketers, including getting engagement for one’s post could be somewhat challenging but all of those mentioned takes consistency and watching what works better for the brand. For instance, if visual content is what attracts your audience to like, click or even share your post, then, you have to do more on that aspect just to keep your audience.

Building brand awareness on social media requires different strategies; one has to observe with time what works across the various social media platforms. One can only get the best result in social marketing using organic means. Over time, after pulling the right audience, paid marketing could then be applied.

You do not need to ask if online marketing is what you need. Everyone is expected to learn about Digital marketing, regardless of your career path. With Bincom Global Tech Program, you can learn the best tool needed to grow your brand.


If you are just a beginner or an intermediary, this session is for you. Register at www.bincom.net/academy to join the next class. You won’t want to miss it.

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