WHY STARTUP VISA IS HUGE(Better Than Masters Visa)

Startup Visas

Did you know: Some countries offer instant citizenship alongside the startup visa?

When you realize the impact startups and entrepreneurs have in boosting the economy, this is no surprise(more on this below).

At eMigr8, we understand that you relocate because you want a better life. That is why we always advise the startup visa over the student visa.

But back to the topic at hand:

What is a Start-up?

A start-up is a company that makes use of new technologies to solve problems.

A startup must create its own procedures and establish its business strategy, unlike a normal SME. It doesn’t follow what already exists or how things have always been done. A startup’s challenge is to develop its own business model, be successful in stabilizing it, and experience quick growth (often sacrificing short-term profitability).

Why are countries offering citizenship with Startup Visas?

According to Wadhwa, from 1977 to 2005, startups provided about 3 million jobs every year.

The government can’t provide everything, and big companies were destroying jobs(about 1 million a year) in that time frame.

So, startups have a crucial role to play if people and the economy are to survive. Google, Apple, and Microsoft were once startups, but look at them today!

The truth is, these nations understand that even if your startup fails, you will learn and grow and go on to build more successful ones. Of course, they have to create an environment that supports the growth of startups/businesses in general so that success is easier.

And since most startups are focused on the use of technology to solve problems, they are highly likely to scale up quickly!


Now let’s discuss:


The impact of startups


  1. Increase employment
  2. Center of innovation
  3. Local impact
  4. Dynamism
  5. Upgrade standard
  6. New markets
  7. Advanced technology


“Startup Visas are a huge deal because startups contribute massively to a country’s economy”


  1. Increase Employment

    We have already established the fact that startups create jobs, which means increased employment. Increased employment equals also equals an improved economy.

    So essentially, you make money and the government makes money, by taxing you and everybody lives happily ever after.

  2. Center of Innovation

    Startups are focused on new technologies and cutting-edge innovation. When people hear the term “innovation,” they tend to shy away from it.

    But as Fadiora states in the video below, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Fadiora’s definition of what innovation is gives credit to the rise of innovative companies like Zoom and Airbnb.

    The early founders of these companies just wanted things to be done easily.

    So when countries permit a series of startups to flourish in their country, there’s no telling what these” innovation hubs” will birth.

    Everyone wants Silicon Valley in their country.




  3. Local Impact

    Startups also have a significant impact on the cities in which they are based, as shown in the ways that Google and Microsoft have affected Mountain View and Redmond, respectively.

    They bring riches and a sizable influx of graduates and seasoned professionals looking for job openings from other places.


  4. Dynamism

    Startups are growth engines.

    This is why they flourish in underdeveloped, war-torn, and nascent entrepreneurial countries. They use the unresolved problems in each of these ecosystems to not only make money but also make a difference.

    When this is done in rural areas, it reduces the dynamic gap between larger cities and smaller ones, developing the rural areas along the way.

  5. Upgrade Standard of Living

    Startups can create new technology and breakthroughs to improve people’s quality of life. Numerous startups are working in rural areas to improve the quality of life there.


    “Google, Apple, and Microsoft were once startups”



  6. New Markets

    Startups frequently seize the opportunity created by new technologies.

    By releasing products that alter the world, startups either completely transform existing markets or establish new ones.

    E.g the way Netflix has created a new market for itself, breaking away from conventional TV markets.



  7. Advanced Technology

    With cutting-edge technology, startups help the economy grow over time while also spawning new industries. These firms genuinely transform into money-making machines after they go public, benefiting not just the owners but also the shareholders, employees, and employees.

    By releasing products that alter the world, startups either completely transform existing markets or establish new ones.

    This is the value you are capable of giving these countries when you apply for a startup visa. This video describes how we can help you even if you don’t have that much entrepreneurial experience but are interested in running a startup abroad

    If you want us to help you attain the startup visa, indicate interest here.

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