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About Bincom Academy

Bincom Academy is an intensive training programme facilitated by Bincom Dev Center. Each Technology or Application development Class is typically 4 weeks of intensive training. During this period, we shall take the participant through our training curriculum for that knowledge track in a Montessori approach. Some of the key Highlights of Bincom Academy include: 

List of all Bincom Academy classes

You can find the most up-to-date list of the Bincom Academy Classes at: Some of the classes available are:

Hear from our Happy Participants

My name is Awuya Daniel. I got to know about the Python class on Indeed. I applied and was never disappointed so far because the class was so educative and really organized. The facilitator taught us beyond the basics of Python. I will recommend this class to anyone who has the zeal to be a very good programmer.
Awuya Daniel
Python class Participant
My name is Ifeoma Benita, I attended the Bincom Academy Project Management class. The class was really educative and interactive. The facilitators were very effective in their impact of knowledge. I will refer Bincom Academy to my family and friends.
Ifeoma Benita
Project Management class Participant
My name is Cathrine Igboanugo, I attended the Bincom Academy Mobile App Development class. The knowledge impact has been great and I learnt a great deal. The facilitator has been wonderful and really took his time to guide and mentor us. I will refer this class to people especially those looking was how to upgrade their knowledge and skill in tech.
Cathrine Igboanugo
Mobile App Development Class Participant