Bincom Academy

Bincom Academy is an intensive training programme facilitated by Bincom Dev Center. Each Technology or Application development Class is typically 4 weeks of intensive training. During this period, we shall take the participant through our training curriculum for that knowledge track  in a Montessori approach.

Some of the key Highlights about Bincom Academy include: 

  • Bincom Academy started in April 2009 and has grown gradually to National repute.
  • After training support, continual update of curriculum and feedback has guaranteed the continual success of Bincom Academy Trainings. 
  • The training is designed and guaranteed to give participants hands-on practical training on the course of study. 
  • Facilitated by people who currently work in the specific field of study and not “professional” Trainers with stale knowledge.
  • Post-training support (backed by verifiable years and wealth of experience) to assist participants in their own web projects.

List of all Bincom Academy classes

You can find the most up to date list of the Bincom Academy Classes at:  . Some of the classes available are: 

  • PHP/MySQL Beginners Class
  • PHP/MySQL Intermediate Class (MVC Framework)
  • Mobile App Development Class( Intermediate Class) 
  • Python Beginners Class
  • Python Intermediate Class (Data Science For Beginners)
  • Project and Service Management(Beginner Class)
  • Graphic Design (Intermediate Class)
  • IT Systems and Basic Devops Engineer Class (Intermediate class)
  • Foundation Class ( Web development)
  • Digital Marketing class
  • Basic Computer literacy class
  • Web Design using WordPress
  • Advanced Frontend Development (Introduction to Angular and Ionic)
My name is Ifeoma Benita , I attended the Bincom Academy Project Management class. The class was really educative and interactive. The facilitators were very effective in their impact of knowledge. I will refer Bincom Academy to my family and friends.
Ifeoma Benita
Project Management class Participant
My name is Awuya Daniel. I got to know about the Python class on Indeed. I applied and was never disappointed so far because the class was so educative and really organized. The facilitator taught us beyond the basics of Python. I will recommend this class to anyone who has the zeal to be a very good programmer.
Awuya Daniel
Python class Participant
My name is Cathrine Igboanugo, I attended the Bincom Academy Mobile App Development class. The knowledge impact has been great and I learnt a great deal. The facilitator has been wonderful and really took his time to guide and mentor us. I will refer this class to people especially those looking was how to upgrade their knowledge and skill in tech.
Cathrine Igboanugo
Mobile App Development Class Participant