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Welcome to Bincom Mentoring Platform

This is a critical and valuable Tech Mentoring Platform, aimed to drive transformation at scale across the organization. The purpose of mentoring is to connect an experienced tech professional with a young techie who hasn’t gained the same knowledge and experience yet in the field of technology.

Tech Mentorship is important because it provides Tech enthusiasts/professionals with the opportunity to develop and become more competent in their Tech roles as well as prepare for growth opportunities later in the future. 

Providing these opportunities is key for Bincom Dev Center and it’s Sister organizations because we aim to attract, train and develop tech talents with our Tech Mentorship Program.

Benefits of being a mentor
Mentors Support Growth

Our Mentors help techies like you with professional or personal development. Our mentors will help you focus your efforts by setting goals and provide guidance that helps your growth in the tech industry.

Mentors help in creating Connections

Mentors in our Tech Mentorship Program can help build your professional network. When you identify professional or personal goals, our assigned tech mentor can connect you to potential tech opportunities or tech professionals who can help you.

Mentors serve as a good source of knowledge

Also, our mentors can provide specific insights and information that enables your success as a Techie. For example, they offer instructions on how to perform particular tasks or develop useful tech skills. As a prospective tech enthusiast starting your career, you can benefit from such guidance, as it helps you learn swiftly and this is one of the few things our Tech Mentorship Platform is here to offer.

Benefits of being a mentee

Steps to Become a Mentor

  • Fill out the registration form below.
  • Be an Experienced Tech Professional.
  • Join Bincom Tech Network community.
  • Be ready to Mentor young Tech enthusiasts.

Steps to Become a Mentee

  • Have a Tech niche and be ready to learn.
  • Fill out the mentee registration form.
  • Join the Bincom Tech Community.
  • Get paired with a qualified Mentor.